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Detailed Information

Capital Required
$150,000 - $250,000

Liquid Capital

CEO Name
Eric Lindberg

Existing Units



Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is one of the largest extreme-value grocery retailers in the United States. We provide name-brand grocery items at up to 60% off conventional grocery store retail prices, with almost $2 billion in annual gross sales. We offer a unique business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, skilled grocery, retail, and food service veterans to operate a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market independently under a license from us and be part of the respected Grocery Outlet brand.

Why Choose Us?

There is an unprecedented increase in demand by consumers for discounted products, and Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is widely recognized as a great brand.

We make a considerable investment into each independent operator, providing them with the potential to earn significantly more than a typical store manager at a grocery chain, while sparing them from the millions of investment dollars it would take to build or refurbish a retail location and purchase inventory for their own store.

Independent operators manage their own team of employees to operate the store, select the consigned merchandise from our inventory guides, and sell the consigned merchandise to their customers. We build out the stores and continuously stock them with fresh inventory on consignment that each operator has the opportunity to select. They hire, train, and lead their team, doing what they do best, and then we share the profits according to our commission structure.

Ideal Candidate

Grocery Outlet looks for aspiring entrepreneurs who love what they do. People with experience working in grocery and big-box retail stores, that know what it means to build teams and be leaders.

We require an independent operator to have five years of retail management experience, as well as proven marketing and community skills, merchandising skills, hiring, teaching and coaching skills, and financial and business skills, and meet additional financial and background qualifications.


Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is a unique grocery business. We were founded in 1946, and owner Jim Read formalized the company’s first Operator’s Consignment Agreement on the back of a napkin in 1973. Today, Grocery Outlet operates more than 300 locations in six states. We are one of the largest opportunistic buyers of grocery items in the country, and we sell name-brand items to customers for up to 60% off conventional grocery store retail prices.

Training And Support

We offer classes that bring aspiring independent operators inside our unique network.

When independent operators complete training and are getting started in their store, they are assigned an experienced Transition Coach to help them implement what they have learned in Aspiring Operators in Training (AOT) classes in order to set up great systems and processes.


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